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Digital development is essential for the growth and scaleability of your business. There's no need for your essential systems to be shy, Introduce them, let them get to know each other. Team up with Centre Digital and streamline your business operations from your brand all the way to your back end CRM system.

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Digital development is our bread and butter. Our ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate our services into your business operations, acting as an extension of your team rather than an outside source, powering both your existing workforce and new areas of potential that we will bring to the table.

Digital Development Services

Comprehensive services offered by professionals

Website Development

Our range of website development services are designed to retain traffic and maximise converstions. Our services include:

Software Development

Making sure all of your essential services communicate with each other is essential to making sure you operations run smoothly:


Getting the basics right is the key to success when selling online. Get all of your systems in check and optimised for sales:

Brand Identity

Create a new brand or optimise an existing one, tailored to your goals and company identity. See what design services we have available:

How it all ties together

Systems that communicate with each other

Your brand is where it all starts. Being the face of your company, your branding forms an initial opinion right from the outset, so having a strong, compelling identity is key to hooking those potential leads and clients. Centre Digital can help you identify your key customer demographics, services and products, helping your business form a recognisable identity that customers with learn to trust.

We can even develop and design a brand new identity for your company, whether its for a company launch or a rebrand.

The main force of your online presence is your website. Potential clients or customers will usually head to your website once they have some interest in the service or products you offer; then it’s up to your website content, speed, design and usability to help them stick around and encourage them to convert.

According to recent statistics from WordPress, the number of websites built on WordPress in 2022 is a staggering 708 million and rising. There’s a reason for these statistics; WordPress allows you ultimate control over your front end and back end website, giving us the tools to craft a truly bespoke website for business.

Shopify offers sellers all the tools they need to set up and begin selling online, from selling through to fulfilment. Centre Digital can ensure your Shopify website is set up and designed for maximum conversions, putting that precious advertising budget to good use. We can design and build your website from scratch, create an import your product catalogue and optimise them for sales by targeting key words potential customers will search to find your products online.

Find out how we can grow or launch your Shopify store by giving us a call, drop us an email or speak to us via live chat.

Woocommerce is an ecommerce plug-in for the popular website platform WordPress. We are well versed in all things WordPress, and can build a completely bespoke website for your products to live, tailored to your exact specification. Woocommerce is a better option for customers looking for a more bespoke experience with a custom website and custom products.

Woocommerce still offers everything you would expect from an Ecommerce platform such as product and inventory management, orders and fulfilment and remarketing features.

Taking idea to implementation, our on-demand agile software development model ensures the process looks like you are working with an entire team of in-house developers. By choosing this service, you will regulate software development, use new technical knowledge, hire engineers with the experience you need for a very reasonable fee.

Finding, recruiting, and adapting the right people to your working environments sometimes take more time and resources than actually creating your desired product. Our reliable software development can provide you with the experts you need as we have a pool of resources, from development, consultancy which ties into brand design

Our Mission

What Centre Digital stands for

Within the digital development industry we understand that every project is unique and a degree of flexibility is essential. That being said, we’ve honed our process over the years and you’ll benefit from our bank of tried and tested methods of project progression. Being able to adapt and build systems to suit your website; whether ecommerce, a catalogue of services or a sole trader; is essential to keep your service on top and above competitors.

Our Process

Not your normal Agency

We believe forming stronger relationships with our clients is the key to success when working together. From our experience, being able to cooperate more freely and bounce ideas between each other has proven to not only improve the flow of your business and deliver stronger more targeted results, but has also shown to help your team feel more confident and comfortable in their job role.

Clients we work with

The amazing companies we do it for

Clear Workspace
Clear Workspace are a national office clearance and waste disposal company based in London. Clear Workspace have cleared over 650 offices around the country and are rapidly growing in a competitive market. Our work with Clear Workspace began with a full website and brand overhaul, in order to give them a more corporate and professional image. Now we are integrated into their operations and have a team dedicated to their business for 16 hours a week, working hard to drive traffic and streamline their marketing strategy.
Virtual Logistics
Virtual Logistics are a new fulfilment centre based in Burnley, Lancashire. Since the start of opening 4 years ago, they have grown, massively. Going from a couple of clients, to now having 30+ clients across multiple industries. When Virtual Logistics came to fruition they had an old legacy system from a previous company. Centre Digital has aided since then in changing the system from an outdated Microsoft environment to a new and improved Ubuntu system. In addition to this, we have integrated their WMS (warehouse management system) into a database stored on their new and improved environment. We then helped, and still help with developing a customer facing dashboard for their clients which allows them to manage orders, see billing information, view inventory and more!
Zero Office Furniture
Zero Office Furniture strive to ensure no office furniture goes unwanted. By being market leaders when it comes to sustainable sales, along with a new website and brand, Zero Office furniture managed to turn over xxx revenue in their first 3 months trading whilst working along Centre Digital. Now Zero Office Furniture are continuing to ensure unwanted office furniture finds a new home by utilising our vast knowledge of marketplace management and taking full advantage of stores like eBay and Amazon to find more potential customers online.
Brew2Bottle are a homebrew company based in Burnley, supplying products such as beer and cider kits, wine kits, fermentation equipment and flavourings. Brew2bottle where initially a brick and mortar store, who needed to expand their customer base by getting online. Brew2bottle required a new brand identity and Shopify store to begin their new journey online. Centre Digital where approached to take this job on. We managed to create a new brand for Brew2bottle, giving homebrew a more modern and youthful appearance, whilst still mainting repeat customers from their existing store. The online store was set up and created from scratch using Shopify; and since the new build Brew2bottle have quickly cemented themselves as the number 1 homebrew company in the UK with the stats to back it up.

We are more than eager to assist your business with any new website design or development projects. Fill out the form above and we will be in touch asap!

Free Website Audit

Add value and increase conversions

Website audits can show up some surprising results. It’s possible the blog post you thought would be a viral hit has gained no traction, or you may find that page loading speeds are slow and increase your bounce rate.

No matter how well written, optimised, or high-ranking your website may be, it still needs a regular check-up in the shape of a website audit. Finding out what works and what doesn't is key in us making the perfect website for you. Enhance your digital development today with Centre Digital.