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Welcome to Canax, leading providers of plant based remedies in the UK and a partnership forged in friendship by co-founders, Jess and Sophie.

A nurse by trade, Sophie has seen the many benefits of our remedies first-hand in patients across the UK. She’s seen the positive impact our products can have, and has always had an interest in the uses and effectiveness of this natural plan. As busy parents, we both also understand just how hectic life can get! That’s why our product range has been designed to fit perfectly around your own busy life, helping you take the edge off whenever you feel the need.

Dedicated to providing only the highest quality products with a simple buying process for our customers, we swear by our motto ‘less of the stress’.

What are the benefits?

The list of benefits is vast, but let’s keep it concise and take a look at some of the most important advantages of our unique product range: