Centre Digital Development

Virtual Logistics

3rd Party Logistics Company

Virtual logistics have used a vast variety of our services; software development, API integration and website design & development. We have aided in building a fully bespoke web application which allows their clients to log in to to view their orders, inventory, billing and more. This didn't only help with the process and flow of operations, it's given Virtual Logistics an entire tangible asset which is a great USP for their logistics services. In addition to this we have built integrations from various different system using their APIs to pull and push data, increasing the productivity immensely.

Brew2Bottle - digita marketing


Biggest homebrew company in UK

Brew2bottle has recently grown into the biggest homebrew company in the UK. They use Shopify as their choice of e-commerce platform. Centre Digital helped with starting and creating the website, email marketing, app integrations and sales analytics and analysis.

Clear Workspace

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Branded Metals

Bespoke metal signage and labels

Branded metals have taken our FULL-SERVICE package. This includes website design and development, and 2 full bespoke web applications. One web application is the super admin portal which allows Branded Metals to manage their orders from the WooCommerce website, and manage orders from their other, client, portal. They are now also managing their products (pricing, inventory, descriptions, images). The customer portal allows their b2b clients access to a full web application where they can build projects, pay for their project and see updates on it. Within the project builder they get a QR code and have the option to include it on their signage, allowing them to have their clients customers scan the QR code and see files, such as documentation for the signage!