Case Study:
Smartly Energy

WordPress website design and development, app integration and graphic design

WordPress website design & development

Smartly Energy were looking to adapt their Electric Vehicle charging business to be more geared to solar power, with a new brand and a new website!


Who are Smartly Energy?

Smartly Energy is a Renewable Energy Consultancy that offers customized solutions rather than standard installations. Their mission is to educate customers on Solar Power, Renewable Heating, and Electric Vehicle Charging, ensuring optimal solutions to reduce bills and emissions. They prioritize high-quality products sourced from Europe to minimize their carbon footprint. As a sustainable and proudly Carbon Neutral certified business, Smartly Energy focuses on providing eco-friendly and efficient energy solutions.

What was the project

When Smartly Energy, initially known as Smartly Charging, sought to enhance their online presence, we developed a Shopify e-commerce site to sell EV chargers. As the company pivoted to focus on solar power, we transitioned to building a new WordPress website, coupled with a rebranding effort that included creating a new brand identity and logo.

In addition to the website overhaul, we manage Smartly Energy’s social media accounts across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, ensuring consistent and engaging content. Our graphic design services extend to creating promotional materials such as pull-up banners, flags, and leaflets, all aimed at enhancing their brand visibility at events and through marketing campaigns.

We provide daily website maintenance and hosting services to ensure smooth and uninterrupted online operations. Collaborating closely with an SEO company, we optimize the website for search engines, improving its visibility and search ranking. Furthermore, we offer technical support, including email management, to address any technical issues promptly and efficiently.

Our comprehensive services have allowed Smartly Energy to focus on their core mission of providing renewable energy solutions, while we handle the digital and technical aspects of their business, contributing to their growth and success in the renewable energy sector.