Case Study:
Zero Office Furniture

Shopify website design and development, app integration and graphic design

Ecommerce website design & development

Zero Office Furniture required a brand new Ecommerce website to sell their in-house refurbished office furniture to consumers.


Who are Zero Office Furniture?

Zero Office Furniture specializes in providing high-quality, refurbished office furniture, with a focus on sustainable shopping. They offer a range of second-user office chairs, desks, and meeting tables from renowned brands like Herman Miller, Vitra, and Orangebox. Their mission is to empower clients to create optimal work environments by offering stylish, ergonomic, and affordable office furniture. Zero Office Furniture also provides free delivery, a lifetime warranty option, and professional in-house refurbishment to ensure products are as close to new as possible.

What was the project

Zero Office Furniture sought a comprehensive digital overhaul to enhance their online presence and operational efficiency. Our team designed and developed a robust e-commerce website on Shopify, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient navigation. We set up Google Analytics with detailed event tracking to monitor user behavior and website performance, providing valuable insights for ongoing optimization. Additionally, we streamlined their operations and provided warehousing consultation, improving inventory management and order fulfillment processes.

To boost their online visibility and customer engagement, we managed their social media channels, creating and curating content that resonated with their target audience. Our email marketing campaigns were strategically crafted to nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers. Furthermore, we implemented an SEO strategy that improved their search engine rankings, driving organic traffic to the website.

The holistic approach we took resulted in significant improvements in Zero Office Furniture’s digital footprint and operational efficiency. Their new e-commerce platform not only enhanced the shopping experience for customers but also optimized their backend processes, ensuring a smoother and more effective business operation. The combined efforts in social media management, email marketing, and SEO significantly boosted their online presence, leading to increased traffic, engagement, and sales.